USSEC Seeks Applications for Strategic Utilization Teams

Give input, feedback and help set the direction for the organization’s work. Applications due Jan. 29.

In formalizing some of its processes and procedures, the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) is taking applications from members who wish to engage in one of the following three focus areas: human and oil, sustainability and market access, and animal and aquaculture.

“These teams are designed to allow industry members to collaborate and provide insight, feedback and the opportunity to brainstorm around USSEC’s international marketing efforts,” said Lyndsey Erb, USSEC director of Industry Relations. “While USSEC has been doing these types of activities for years and it’s nothing new, we did not have a formal process for creating the teams.

“This structure allows members who want to be part of the planning process an opportunity for inclusion with clear terms and guidelines, and I expect it will only further enable strong representation from all sectors of U.S. Soy in our activities.”

Each team will include 12 members representing the U.S. soy industry, comprised of the following:

  1. One team co-chair (appointed by USSEC’s board chair)
  2. One team co-chair (voted on by the team, once approved)
  3. Three USSEC staff (designated focus area director, project manager and a representative from the industry relations team).
  4. 12 individuals representing 12 different industry members, consisting of at least:
    1. One United Soybean Board (USB) grower leader or staff
    2. One American Soybean Association (ASA) grower leader or staff
    3. One Qualified State Soybean Board (QSSB) representative

Due January 29, 2021, applications will be accepted annually with the teams voted on and announced during USSEC’s board meeting. Once approved, team members serve a two-year term with the teams meeting a minimum of quarterly with additional meetings as necessary. Depending on conditions, these meetings may be held either virtually or in person.

As this is the first year for this structure, half of the team will serve a one-year term with the remaining half fulfilling a two-year term — a coin toss will be used to make the determination.

The Member and Industry Relations Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors will recommend team applications and recommend team membership to the full board for its approval. Following team approval, team co-chairs will be voted on by the team members.

Each team (Human & Oil, Sustainability & Market Access, and Animal & Aquaculture) is responsible for providing:

  1. Input in developing the Unified Export Strategy (UES), and baseline/starting points for the following year’s UES.
  2. Priorities and actions for regional programs.
  3. Insight on periodic focus area-related occurrences.
  4. Guidance and insight on various USSEC programs and activities; FADs may select a specific activity or projects for the team to assist in oversight and development (e.g., Soy Food Database development and oversight). Feedback along the way is greatly appreciated.
  5. Representation of all U.S. soy industry sectors.
  6. A report of the team’s work and feedback for the planning on the next year’s UES, which will be reported at the fall International Marketing Dialogue meeting.

For questions about USSEC’s Strategic Utilization Teams and an application, contact Brianna Metts, USSEC Industry Relations coordinator, at or 636-449-6400.