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USSEC Provides Full Fat Soybean Meal Technical Services Program in Egypt

USSEC recently provided a full fat soybean meal technical services program in Egypt.
USSEC consultant Dr. Mian Riaz travelled to Cairo from May 15-19. He first visited the Wadi Holding Co. and inspected their original feed mill. The company currently has three extruders making full fat soybean meal. It is planning to install a new extruder at its extraction plant facility at a different location. Dr. Riaz gave a presentation about full fat soybean processing and quality and showed some video on the subject. He discussed Wadi’s drawing and new site for full fat soybean production in detail.

USSEC consultant Dr. Mian Riaz with the technical staff of Pyramid Poultry
USSEC consultant Dr. Mian Riaz with the technical staff of Pyramid Poultry

On the second day, Dr. Riaz visited Pyramid Poultry in Sadat City. This feed mill plans to install 36 new extruders with presses to make mechanically expelled soybean meal for poultry. Currently, it is building its factory and then will start making full fat and express meal. The company has already bought all the extruders and presses for its operation. Dr. Riaz talked to staff about the quality of soybean meal and showed them some video about processing full fat and express meal. Pyramid Poultry is interested in refining soy oil from its mechanically expelled operation and has already purchased the refining equipment, which will be installed soon after the completion of the facility.
Dr. Riaz visited Cairo Poultry feed operation on his third day. Cairo Poultry is presently using Chinese extruders to make full fat soybean meal and recently installed an expander for full fat soybean meal production. Dr. Riaz presented a seminar to more than 15 feed mill staff on full fat soybean meal processing and its quality parameters. At this time, the company is having some issues with producing full fat soybean meal with its new expander. Dr. Riaz explained the principles of operation of dry and wet extruder as well as the expander.