USSEC Participates in PAMED 2019 Animal Production Exhibition Show in Tunisia

USSEC participated in the PAMED “Mediterranean Exhibition of Animal Production, Livestock and Agricultural Equipment” from April 23 -26. PAMED is the major professional event for Tunisia’s poultry and feed industry. Around 100 booths represented companies and institutions related to these industries. Many professionals from Algeria, Morocco, and Libya particularly followed this 16th edition of PAMED.
USSEC once again was a major show sponsor and also had a booth next to the U.S. Grains Council booth. Dr Riadh Karma, the local technical and commercial consultant, was present and represented USSEC at this event.

(L to R) R. Karma, M. Brown (U.S. Meat Export Federation), N. Maaouia (FAS Tunis) and M.S. Bouthour (U.S. Grains Council)
R.Karma at Alfa booth with H. Chaabouni
New design of USSEC booth at PAMED
A. Zar, the president of the Farmer’s Union,who inaugurated the show, visits the USSEC/USGC booth

The USSEC representative and consultants met with most of USSEC’s major customers (SNA, ALFA/MEDIMIX, NUTRICAP, PROVITAL) either at the USSEC booth or in their respective booths and had interesting discussions on their new products, on poultry, and on the market situation. This show provided a great opportunity to teach visitors and customers more about USSEC, the quality of U.S. soybean products, and the sustainability of their production.
In parallel with this show, many interesting scientific events were organized and Dr. Karma had a chance to attend SNA and CEVA seminars.