USSEC Participates in Egyptian Poultry Association Roundtable Meeting

USSEC participated in a roundtable meeting with the Egyptian Poultry Association on October 18 in Cairo.
Dr. Nabil Darwish, the chairman of the Egyptian Poultry Producers Association, delivered the following speech to USSEC Regional Director – Europe Middle East North Africa (EU/MENA) and USSEC Regional Consultant – MENA Mousa Wakileh.
“Greetings, the Egyptian Poultry Producers Association is pleased to welcome you in Egypt Al Kenana Land, aiming to more cooperation between the American side and the Egyptian Poultry Producers Association; that would lead to achieve mutual benefits to poultry producers and companies working in the poultry field in Egypt as well as the American side regarding soy uses.
Such cooperation, which lasted for the past years that was represented in:

  • Holding many educational seminars for poultry and aquaculture sectors
  • Attending educational seminars organized by USSEC in many world countries like America, Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Training a big number of poultry technicians from youth agricultural engineers, veterinarians through the past four years in specialized courses in the United States of America, which had a great impact on experience improvement and elevating scientific and technical level of the trainees
  • Providing scientific publications related to the poultry field to poultry producers to be acquainted with the newest scientific techniques and full awareness of the industry techniques on a worldwide level, where we hope with increasing the cooperation in the coming period to lead the industry to new horizons

We want this cooperation to help with:

  • Creating programs for raising awareness in faults surrounding the industry and mechanism on dealing with them
  • Increasing the number of trainees of feed producers and veterinarians in the seminars held in the USA
  • Increasing the educational seminars held in Cairo around the year
  • Increasing the number of visitors to USA ‫ exhibitions
  • Working on raising the small product and executing a mechanism to prohibit dealing with live chicken market.

We hope that the fruitful cooperation between us continue in order to improve the industry, which would provide benefits for both Egyptian and American side.
USSEC has held many conferences; seminars, meetings and workshops specialized in poultry (nutrition and diseases) under the patronage and supervision of worldwide master poultry leaders and experts, like Dr. Mian Riaz, Dr. Craig Coon and Dr. Gary Butcher.
Many leading poultry producers in Egypt were invited to attend such important meetings to improve the poultry industry in Egypt and to be acquainted with where science has reached regarding it.
Invitations to attend Atlanta International Production and processing Expo in the state of Atlanta since 2015; inviting 3 from the staff where this number has increased to 10 in 2016 and to 9 in 2017.
The main and most important activity in my point of view that that organization has done to support and improve the poultry industry in Egypt is organizing training courses in the biggest universities of the United States for youth veterinarians and feed producers to be acquainted with what the world achieved in the poultry production field.
Allow me to mention this important point in detail.
USSEC has organized a training program for veterinarians since the beginning of our fruitful cooperation in 2015; 5 veterinarians were invited to attend the first veterinarian training course at the University of Florida… trainees’ number has increased to 9 in 2016 and 11 in 2017.
Regarding feed, the organization [USSEC] has also conducted a training course for feed engineers at the Kansas State University since 2016 by inviting 11 agricultural engineers, and unfortunately this number has decreased this year to only 6 due to the difficult American visa procedures since the beginning of this year.
Thank you."