USSEC Participates in ASC Food Processing Workshop

USSEC participated in a workshop, “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Food Processing to Manufacture Healthy and Nutritious Food Products,” organized by Best Engineering Tech in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India on May 19.
USSEC human utilization consultant Suresh Itapu was the key speaker at this event. Topics discussed includes extrusion technology for high protein reconstituted rice and lentil analogue; extrusion technology for textured soy protein and meat analogues; soy nut manufacturing; soymilk, tofu, and dairy analogues; and expeller processing of soybeans.
Two participants have shown interest in high protein reconstituted rice and lentil analogue, one participant is working on setting up a soymilk project, and one participant has shown interest in a soy nuts project. USSEC will continue to follow up with participants.