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USSEC Organizes NIR Workshop in Morocco


USSEC organized a near infrared (NIR) one-on-one workshop for leading feed industry companies in Morocco in May.
USSEC consultant Denis Bastianelli, head of CIRAD France’s feed department, provided assistance to Morocco’s leading feed mills and integrations.
The main objectives of the one-on-one workshop were to improve further analytical knowledge of soybean meal composition and the nutritive value to the poultry and ruminant industries.
This activity aims to help differentiate U.S. soybean meal and improve its utilization through better characterization with the ultimate goal of increasing U.S. Soy’s share in the Morocco market, which imports U.S. soybeans, soy hulls, soybean oil and meal. Poultry remains the primary driver of Morocco’s soybean meal market.
Participants discussed technical issues during laboratory visits and showed high interest in U.S. Soy products and the efforts to take full advantage of their nutritional quality, including availability of essential amino acids and metabolizable energy.
USSEC continues to sustain demand for U.S. Soy and develop the loyalty of leading customers in Morocco.