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USSEC Korea Hosts Roundtable Targeting Flounder Growers in Jeju

USSEC recently hosted a roundtable targeting flounder growers in Jeju who enrolled in the Korean government’s program to change feeds to protein meal-based extruded pellet (EP) from fish-based moist pellet (MP) feed.  17 flounder growers were present including 16 from 29 target audiences invited by USSEC.  Attendees also included eight representatives from local fish-culture fisheries cooperatives; along with representatives from the Daebong LF aqua feed mill, a fisheries-related institute and community members.

Three main topics were discussed at this roundtable.  USSEC Aquaculture Utilization contractor In Soo Shin led a discussion on the benefits of increasing the inclusions of soybean meal (SBM) and/or soy protein concentrate (SPC) in EP feeds in terms of sustainable feed supply and reduced feeding costs.  Hae Won Kang, a grower from Haewon Fisheries, spoke about the performances, fillet quality and feeding costs of flounder raised on EP.  Finally, Pyong Kih Kim, Professor at Gangwon Provincial College, presented a diagnosis on the causes of high mortality rate in flounder and suggestions to reduce mortality rate.
A consensus was reached that growers who switch to EP tend to give more feeds than required because of their being accustomed to MP feeding practice, which could cause disease, but that EP reduces labor by 50%.  USSEC will also continue to examine the need for researchers to increase the inclusions of SBM and/or SPC in EP feeds to reduce feeding costs by 20-30% and will monitor movements to ban the use of genetically modified soybeans in feeds.

USSEC Korea Aquaculture Utilization contractor In Soo Shin discusses the benefits of soy-containing EP feeds