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USSEC Korea Continues to Provide Technical Assistance on the Benefits of Using Soy in Flounder Culture

USSEC attended a meeting organized by the Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Science in which fish producers, feed millers, fish nutritionists, feed ingredients suppliers, and researchers representing the local fisheries industry gathered to exchange information on recent developments to aquaculture technology, fish feed researches and market.  The meeting’s objective was to exchange information on the utilization of soy in fish culture with an emphasis on the expansion of soybean meal and soy protein concentrate use in feeds for flounder.  USSEC obtained the protein digestibility estimates of soybean meal and soy protein concentrate in flounder from a recent white paper titled “Apparent Digestibility Coefficients of Vegetable Feed Ingredients in Diets for Olive Flounder.”  Those estimates were 86.8% for soybean meal and 87.0% for soy protein concentrate, respectively, supporting the results of USSEC’s feeding studies showing the feasibility of soy replacing fishmeal.  USSEC suggested the leading Korean feed mills in the aqua sector compare these estimates with existing estimates and added this information to the hand-out material to be used for on-site consultations/meetings with target fish growers along with the results of USSEC’s feeding studies referred to deliver that soybean meal and soy protein concentrate could be included up to 12% and 18% respectively in diet for flounder.