soybean field

USSEC Korea Continues Individual Visits to Local Feed Mills to Maintain Interest in U.S. Soybean Meal

USSEC Korea continued its individual visits to local feed mills with the objective of maintaining the mills’ interest in U.S. soybean meal at the upcoming purchasing tenders for imported soybean meal arriving in October or November 2013.

USSEC staff recently visited TS Corp. Co., Ltd, one of five feed mills belonging to purchasing group Feed Mill Leading Committee (FLC).  TS Corp. and the FLC’s four other feed mills have used 30,000 metric tons (MT) of U.S. soybean meal this year.  TS produced 561,000 MT of feed in 2012 including 300,000 MT of swine feed and 156,000 MT of poultry feed.  USSEC met with the feed mill’s purchasing and research and development staff to promote the superior feeding value of U.S. soybean meal due to its amino acid content, shared data of amino acid analysis on imported soybean meal in 2013 and discussed the inferior protein content of soybean meal from other origins.
USSEC will continue these individual meetings with local feed mills to address the economic value of U.S. soybean meal.  U.S. soybean meal is most popular with Korean feed mills during the winter and spring seasons.