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USSEC Provides Industry Alerts as Stakeholder Service

One of the ways that USSEC helps to keep its stakeholders informed is through timely industry alerts.
USSEC Stakeholder Relations Manager Will McNair says that such notices utilize USSEC’s “boots of the ground” in its regions around the world. “We issue an industry alert whenever one of our regional offices sees something that could be a potential disruption to trade.”
The regional office relays this information to world headquarters in St. Louis, who monitors and follows up on the ongoing situation. The regional office provides more information as it becomes available.
“We may then issue an industry alert to our members and industry contacts,” says Mr. McNair. “We want to be able to provide as much information to our members and industry contacts as possible to allow them to leverage our resources so that we can provide them with better insight on market access issues.”
This year, some of USSEC’s industry alerts have included notifications about situations in Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, and Thailand.