USSEC Holds Poultry Nutrition Workshop, Meets with Tunisian Feed Industry

USSEC recently held a poultry nutrition workshop and met with customers in the Tunisian feed industry.
USSEC consultant Dr. Craig Coon, nutrition professor at the University of Arkansas, visited Tunisia on December 7 and 8 to conduct a workshop on poultry feed nutrition and optimization of soybean product use. Fifteen nutritionists and feed quality managers representing major feed companies attended this event. Dr. Coon gave presentations on amino acid profiles of U.S. soybeans compared to other origins; anti-nutritional factors and cooking tests of soybean meal, full fat soybean meal (FFSB), and express soymeal; and optimization of feed formulation with soy products.

Dr. Coon gives a presentation
Group photo with Dr. Coon

An interactive discussion session allowed participants to improve their knowledge in using high quality U.S. soybean products in their poultry rations and to monitor the quality control of U.S. origin soybean meal.
Dr. Coon also visited two feed mills in one-on-one visits with Dr Riadh Karma, USSEC Country Representative – Tunisia. The pair visited El Machia, a new feed company, and SNA, one of largest feed mills in the country.

Meeting of Dr. Coon with El Machia Staff

During the field visits, Dr. Coon discussed the quality control of soybean meal, anti-nutritional factors evaluation and cooking tests of soybean meal, as well as the use of FFSB and express soymeal with the El Machia and SNA staffs.
The Tunisian feed and oil processing industry has imported around 133,000 metric tons (MT) of U.S. soybeans so far this year.