USSEC Holds Poultry Nutrition Seminar in Tunisia

USSEC organized a poultry nutrition seminar in Hammamet, Tunisia on May 19. More than fifty participants including nutritionists, agriculture engineers, veterinarians, graduate students, laboratory technicians, and university professors attended this event. Four speakers from the U.S., Europe, and Tunisia presented high level, updated presentations on the following topics:

  • Broiler Breeder Protein Turnover, De Novo Lipogenesis, Heat Production and Body Composition Change
  • Broiler Amino Acid and Energy Nutrition Studies: Strain, Diet and Environmental Temperature, presented by Dr. Craig Coon (University of Arkansas)
  • Heavy Strains Broiler Nutrition and Soybean Meal Use, presented by Professor Mohamed Frikha (Cobb Spain)
  • Layer Nutrition and Practical Management of Feeding on the Farm
  • Perspectives in the Use of the New Generation of Feed Additives, presented by Francis Clément (Nutrisynthese)
  • Use of Full Fat Soybean Meal at SNA, Field Results, presented by M. Abdallah Jebali (SNA / PGH)

The participants appreciated that the event was held during the Mediterranean Animal Production Show (PAMED 2017), an event also sponsored by USSEC.

View of speakers and attendees
View of speakers and attendees
Dr. Coon gives one of his presentations
Mr. Clément speaks during one of his presentations
Mr. Frikha gives his presentation
Mr. Jebali gives his lecture