USSEC Provides Full Fat Soybean Technical Services in Egypt

USSEC recently provided technical services for Egyptian extruders.
USSEC consultant Dr. Mian Riaz, director of the Food Protein R& D Center and head of the Extrusion Technology Program at Texas A&M University, visited Pyramid Poultry in Sadat City on July 24. This feed mill is in the process of installing 18 new extruders with presses to make mechanically expelled soy meal for poultry. They just finished installing their equipment and will start making full fat and express meal within a month. They are currently making full fat soybean meal with one Turkish extruder for their poultry feed.
Dr. Riaz gave a presentation to their staff about the quality of soybean meal, processing, and extrusion parameters.

Dr. Riaz with staff of Pyramid Poultry visit their new extrusion facility being built with 18 extruders and presses
Dr. Riaz gives a talk on quality and processing of soybean with extrusion technology to Pyramid Poultry