USSEC Focuses on Poultry Integration and Aquaculture Activities in Egypt

USSEC Egypt’s activities for the week of December 16 to December 19 included technical service and meetings focused on poultry integration and aquaculture activities.
Mack Graves, a USSEC consultant specializing in corporate strategy, management focus, and marketing effectiveness in companies and organizations across the protein chain from beef to poultry, traveled to Cairo to provide technical service to Egyptian poultry integrators and the aquaculture sector in a USSEC program coordinated by USSEC – Middle East North Africa (MENA).
On December 16, Mr. Graves met with Dr. Osama Sherfeldin, Managing Director of Al Dakahlia Poultry Company and his marketing and sales staff.  Al Dakahlia is a relatively new market entrant with a modern slaughter and processing plant and a fairly well developed distribution system.  Mr. Graves gave a presentation on marketing and management strategies and tactics.  Al Dakahlia is building a feed mill, and thus will be a prime candidate for expansion of their use of U.S. soybeans.
Mr. Graves met with Miriyam Al Sharkawi, Marketing Director, Al-Watania and her marketing and sales staff the following day, when he gave a PowerPoint presentation on marketing in the Egyptian market.  Al Watania is well established in the marketplace.  Ms. Al Sharkawi is new to the company and wants help in reviewing all branding options for them as well as a reposition and refreshing of the brand in the marketplace.  A discussion was held on these topics as Abdallah S. Abuhaimed, CEO joined the meeting.
Mr. Graves also met with the aquaculture industry’s principal players including the new USSEC aqua representatives, and Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development’s (SEED) two representatives. Because Egypt’s aquaculture industry is in its infancy, it needs considerable help in infrastructure development. Minutes of the meeting were taken and will be the basis for further discussions.  Aquaculture is on the cusp of dramatic growth in Egypt and as such will be a major player in the need for U.S. soybeans and soybean meal.
On December 18, Mr. Graves met with Kaled El-Saket, Commercial Manager and the Plant Manager of Pyramid Poultry Company, to discuss recent packaging change for frozen, program for value-added / further processed products, combination water and air chilling, and market dynamics.