soybean field

USSEC Escorts Japan Partnership Team on Michigan Visit; Takes Closer Look at High Oleic Soybeans

USSEC North Asia Regional Director Paul Burke, Japan Country Director Mitsuyuki Nishimura and Japan Consultant Katsufumi Maekawa escorted the 17th annual Japan Partnership Team consisting of 11 members of soybean crushers and importers from Japan Oilseed Processors Association (JOPA) and Japan Oil and Fat Imports and Exports Association (JOFIEA) on a recent U.S. visit.  The delegation made its first stop in Michigan on August 26 to learn more about the Michigan soybean industry and, specifically, high oleic soybeans.
The team visited Greenfield Village and a recently refurbished soybean lab.  They next heard a presentation from DuPont Pioneer regarding its Plenish® High Oleic Oil, which has no trans fats and 20% less saturated fats than regular soybean oil.  This high oleic oil is also stable longer, giving it longer use.  The team’s final stop in Michigan was a visit to a farm in Ottawa Lake to see high oleic soybeans in the field and visit the farm’s agri-tourism operation.  Michigan's unique growing environment produces a soybean with a higher protein putting Michigan in an excellent position for specialty export markets such as Japan.