Past USSEC Directors Recognized at ASA Banquet

Former USSEC directors Jim Miller and Ron Moore were the recipients of two of the American Soybean Association’s (ASA) top awards. ASA recognized exceptional volunteers and leaders at its annual awards banquet in Orlando, Florida on March 1., awarding individuals for state association volunteerism, distinguished leadership achievements and long-term, significant contributions to the soybean industry.

Jim Miller

Former USSEC chairman and ASA director Jim Miller, a soybean farmer from Belden, Nebraska, was the recipient of ASA’s Outstanding State Volunteer Award. The Outstanding State Volunteer Award recognizes the dedication and contributions of individuals who have given at least three years of volunteer service in any area of their state soybean association operation.
Mr. Miller was recognized for his dedication, passion, and many hours of volunteer commitment. He continuously educates himself about the policy issues at the state and national level that impact soybean farmers and consistently relays the messages to government officials.
In addition to his service to USSEC and ASA, Mr. Miller served in all the top offices for the Nebraska Soybean Association and was involved in policy development, advocacy, promotion and membership recruiting.
His many hours of volunteer work and interaction with other farmers and elected leaders have served to increase awareness about the important work of the Nebraska Soybean Association and its mission.

Ron Moore

Former USSEC director Ron Moore, a soybean grower from Roseville, Illinois and current ASA director, received ASA’s Distinguished Leadership Award. This award recognizes a soybean grower or association staff leader whose leadership has strengthened the national or state association, enhanced soy-related policy efforts and increased farmer education or engagement.
Mr. Moore has served in many leadership roles, providing a voice for soybean farmers and advocating in their best interests. He is also a past chairman of the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA), and past ASA president. Mr. Moore is a steadfast advocate and spokesperson for soy policy, frequently meeting with state and national lawmakers and administration officials, and testifying on Capitol Hill.
Mr. Moore is a strong advocate on issues such as farm bill, trade, transportation and infrastructure, farm safety net, biofuels, and regulations. In recent years, he has been a guiding force in helping to strategically position and strengthen both ISA and ASA.