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USSEC 2016 “Soybean Meal Quality by Origin” Report Available


USSEC recently released the report, “Soybean Meal Quality by Origin: Economical Value of Hipro Soybean Meal in Least Cost Formulations.” The 2016 report is based on current (February) and future (May-July) feedstuff prices for feeds of different species and is available online at USSEC’s website or through USSEC’s regional offices worldwide. This report, contracted through Schothurst Feed Research, demonstrates the added value of higher quality soybean meal by origin for different European regions based on current feedstuff prices in feeds for swine, layers and broilers. The study focuses on four regions: Northwestern Europe, Southwestern Europe, Northeastern Europe and Southeastern Europe.
The report emphasizes that even though soybean meal is sold on a per unit of protein basis, differences in digestible energy and amino acid content contribute more to the value of soybean meal and that differences in value are largest for broiler feeds followed by layer and swine feeds in all regions. The report also shows that soybean meal prices have continued to decrease in most regions. Currently, prices of synthetic amino acids like L Lysine, L Threonine and L Thryptophan have increased and the DL Methionine price is still high, which adds extra value to high(er) quality Hipro soybean meal. The value of Hipro soybean meal from the United States increases with high prices of synthetic amino acids because of a higher digestible amino acid content.
On an equal protein content basis, the value differences (in energy, mineral and digestible amino acid content) of U.S. soybean meal over that of other origins is: € 9.60-16.50 (U.S. vs. Brazil) and € 9.90-18.10/ metric ton (MT) (U.S. vs. Argentina) or respectively 2.9-5.1 percent and 3.0-5.6 percent.
To view the report on the USSEC website, please click here.