soybean field

U.S. Soybean Farmers Represented on ISGA

USSEC, together with the American Soybean Association (ASA) and the United Soybean Board (USB), represents U.S. soybean farmers on the International Soybean Growers Alliance (ISGA).  The ISGA website is:

ISGA was formed in 2006 to bring together farmers and industry representatives from the U.S. and the South American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay to work on common issues such as biotechnology.  These countries are responsible for more than 90% of global production.  Alliance members share a commitment to meet increasing world demand for quality soy produced sustainably.  The mission of this group is to communicate the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the soybean chain.  ISGA contributors work together to maintain a solid market position for soy against competitor oilseeds in their respective markets.  Although the U.S. and South America are traditionally viewed as competitors, this collaborative effort helps develop a select few soybean markets.  One such market is India, whose population is poised to pass China’s by 2040, holding a tremendous potential as a market for soy.  ISGA also helps to consolidate the voices of soybean producers in opposing market restrictions, excessive tariffs, and scientifically unsound non-tariff barriers regarding environmental, health, chemical residues or biotechnology approvals.

An upcoming ISGA meeting is being planned China for late March.