Tunisian Dairy Industry Benefits from USSEC Visits and Workshop

USSEC conducted one-on-one dairy nutrition field visits to dairy farmers and facilitated a workshop on dairy nutrition and housing from March 21- 25.

USSEC consultant Frank Delfino, dairy nutrition and production specialist, visited five farms in northern and northeastern Tunisia. The visits highlighted production and feed quality challenges with different livestock breeds. He spoke with farmers and technicians about their methods of feeding and managing their herds, and observed their practices, giving them several recommendations to improve their total mixed rations (TMR) and fresh green forages, as well as better ways to produce, preserve, and store silages. He also gave them advice on milking hygiene, heat stress management, and how to increase milking performance. Dr. Delfino also visited SMBSA Soliman, a milk collection center belonging to a dairy farmers’ cooperative.

At Alfa/Medimix feed mill, Dr. Delfino conducted a dairy workshop. 24 participants, including dairy farmers, technicians, and Alfa Feed Mill staff attended this event, where they heard presentations on managing heat stress; TMR in extreme environments; and water quality.
An interactive discussion session allowed participants to improve their knowledge in using high quality TMR rations as well as well-balanced compound feed based on soybean meal, corn, and other ingredients. Participants were made aware of the benefits of high quality U.S. soybean products in their rations.