Tunisian and Algerian Aquaculture Reps Seize Opportunities at MENA Aquaculture Conference

A team of seven Tunisians and five Algerians from the aquaculture sector attended USSEC’s 5th Middle East North African (MENA) Regional Aquaculture Production Conference in Dubai from July 20 to 23.
Dr. Riadh Karma, USSEC representative for the two countries, escorted the Tunisian and the Algerian teams representing aqua farms, fish feed plants, Ministries of Agriculture, and aquaculture research centers. The participants found the conference topics to be interesting and diversified and said the level of the speakers was particularly high. Three grower leaders, American Soybean Association (ASA) director George Goblish, United Soybean Board (USB) director Meagan Kaiser, and Nebraska Soybean Board director Daryl Obermeyer, along with Market Development Coordinator, Nebraska Soybean Board Cale Buhr, traveled to the U.A.E. for this event. Overall, the Tunisian and Algerian participants deemed the event a great success that provided them with a new opportunity to acquire greater knowledge in advanced aquaculture and extrusion processes.

Tunisian & Algerian participants with the USSEC team
Mian Riaz gives a presentation

Naoufel Romdhane and Rachid Annane had the opportunity to present to the audience, providing overviews on the Tunisian and Algerian aquaculture industries in their respective countries.

Naoufel Romdhane presents an overview of the Tunisian aquaculture industry
Rachid Annane gives an overview of Algerian aquaculture

The Tunisian and Algerian participants appreciated being present among so many experts in aquaculture production as well as among a large number of professionals from MENA countries to exchange experiences and do business. After the conference, all of them received valuable information on high quality U.S. soybeans used in aquaculture and gained a better understanding of sustainable soy production in the U.S.

The Tunisian and Algerian