Poultry Nutrition Customers Appreciate USSEC’s Seminar in Tunisia

USSEC organized a poultry nutrition seminar in Hammamet, Tunisia on May 9. Around 45 participants, including nutritionists, agriculture engineers, veterinarians, laboratory technicians, and university professors, attended this event. Four speakers from the U.S., Europe, and Tunisia gave high-level presentations with the most current information.
Dr. Gonzalo Matteos spoke about soybean products in poultry feeds, the importance of soy expellers and full fat soybeans, and the influence of origin on the protein quality and nutritive value of the soybean meal. Francis Clément discussed how the early nutrition of the broiler chick affects improvement of viability and performance. Dr. Craig Coon talked about amino acid requirements for the commercial layer and broiler NE vs. ME levels with dietary amino acids. Néjib Mathlouth spoke about the impact of feed ingredient quality on feed formulation and broiler performances.
An interesting discussion allowed an exchange between nutritionists from different companies. Participants appreciated the choice of having the event organized during the Mediterranean Animal Production Show (PAMED 2018), an event for which USSEC is also one of the sponsors. According to the participants and speakers, this event was a high level seminar and considered to be very interesting and successful because of updated and well-summarized information.
This event was a great opportunity for USSEC customers to communicate updated knowledge and experiences on poultry nutrition and new uses and advantages of U.S. Soybean products.

Dr. Craig Coon's presentation
Néjib Mathlouth
Dr. Gonzalo Mateos
Francis Clément giving his presentation