Moroccan Team Attends USSEC’s 6th Regional Dairy Nutrition Conference – MENA in Egypt

Five professionals from the Moroccan dairy and feed industries attended USSEC’s 6th Regional Dairy Nutrition Conference – Middle East North Africa (MENA) held in Cairo, Egypt from September 20 to 23.
Ruminant feed production continues to expand with a growing use of compound feed by the dairy sector. Soybeans, hulls, meal, by pass soy protein products, and other usage is increasing in dairy feed sustained by a better knowledge of their nutritional supply in concentrates, as nitrogen correctors, and as part of total mixed rations (TMR).
Although poultry remains the key driver of soybean meal demand in the Moroccan market and the country is the biggest importer of U.S. soybean meal in the region, large dairy farms’ demand is also increasing due to higher inclusion of soybean products into compound feed for other ruminants.
The team appreciated participating in the conference, which provided them with an opportunity to learn more about herd feeding and dairy nutrition management and to expand their knowledge on heat stress alleviation, additives, and bypass protein sources.
One of the participants, the manager of a large dairy operation, said at the end of the event that he will increase soybean meal daily allowance to his heifers and dairy cows to raise dietary proteins intake because of what he learned at the conference.
USSEC programs continue to increase knowledge of U.S. soy products in ruminant feed. The participation of leading professionals to such technical events contributes to developing new business opportunities with prospects for U.S. soybean products.