Moroccan Team Attends Third USSEC Aquaculture Production Conference in Jordan

Fish and feed producers along with the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture (French acronym ANDA) and National Institute of Fish Research (INRH) representatives escorted by USSEC’s Morocco consultant Khalid Benabdeljelil, attended the third USSEC aquaculture production conference held in Amman, Jordan. Attendees appreciated the diversity of technical themes covered by the experts, particularly the nutritional information on U.S. Soy products in aqua feed.
Aqua and feed producers were updated on the advantages and value of U.S. soybean products in substituting fishmeal. Soy-based aquafeed of different species reduce fishmeal and fish oil inclusion rates in a sustainable manner.
Over the last three years, USSEC has conducted several activities within local market and regionally to assist local aquafeed producers and potential developers. The organization continues to expand knowledge on aquafeed production, fish nutrition providing technical /nutritional information on soy protein concentrates and other soy products and their use in aqua feed for Morocco’s growing market. As new aquaculture projects are being developed and others expand, they ultimately build sustainable opportunities for U.S. soybean products in aquafeed.
Aquaculture operations contribute to improve resources’ sustainability; promote processing, and marketing, upgrade value chain components, and improve competitiveness and overall performance. The need to produce good quality aquafeed based on soy products was emphasized.
A total production of 200,000 tons of aqua products in Morocco is projected for 2020, contributing to sustainable economic growth and increasing its contribution to the local gross domestic product (GDP).