Moroccan Feed Industry Learns More about Logistics, Shipment, Storage of U.S. Soy Products

USSEC recently provided technical support to the Moroccan feed industry.
USSEC consultant Ray Keating, Head International Merchandiser Perdue Agribusiness, Chesapeake, Virginia, along with local USSEC consultant Khalid Benabdeljeli, conducted six one-on-one workshops with Moroccan feed industry operations, including the market’s largest feed plant and largest turkey producer, from February 16 to 20. The main activity objective was to further expand customers’ knowledge, including differentiating U.S. soybean products from others, using appropriate handling procedures, and maintaining the quality of U.S. soy products during storage.
Mr. Keating, the U.S. expert from USSEC’s industry member company, updated key customers on the best handling procedures to maintain the quality of U.S. soy products during storage. Strategies for soybean bin storage and flat storage of soybean meal were further reviewed as most companies expanded their facilities. Best storage conditions, batching, and factors affecting quality and nutrient supply were explained as larger quantities of products are kept for a longer time period with challenging climate conditions.
Consultants highlighted U.S. bean quality, cleanliness, homogeneity, flow ability, and ease of storage and handling as compared to other origin beans, reminding customers that purchasing U.S. beans provides better quality. Specific advantages of U.S. soybean meal and characteristics of different types of storage facilities were also discussed.
All customers visited appreciated the workshops and recommended more specific training in and outside the market. Improving knowledge on appropriate storage conditions ultimately contributes to a preference for U.S. sourcing.