Moroccan Customers Benefit from USSEC’s Technical Assistance

USSEC provided technical assistance to new feed mills and integrators from January 19-23 in Morocco consisting of a one-on-one workshop aiming to further expand knowledge about the nutritional and economic benefits of the use of U.S. soy products in feed.
USSEC consultant Juan Acedo-Rico González, MSc. Engineer Feed Technology and Production, emphasized that full fat soy (FFS) provides another solution for feed formulation, supplying not only amino acids but also energy due to its high oil content. Increasing interest on this ingredient has been shown at all meetings held with different customers.
Discussions also focused on how FFS can be produced at feed mills with adequate extrusion process, handling, and storage. FFS obtained from U.S. beans is of clearer color and supplies consistent quality nutrients when adequately processed. U.S. beans can be sourced by container delivery due to flexibility, cost, and reliable supply. Feed mill producers are also aware of the high standard quality of U.S. soybean meal.
Organized for the first time in this market, the workshops were held at a large feed mill and a few smaller capacity mills. Morocco’s current compound feed production amounts to 4.4 million tons. 75% of that is for poultry, which remains by far the main user of U.S. soybean meal.
USSEC’s activities and programs in this market are developed within an innovative and reactive strategy and aim to convince new customers and young professionals of the quality and advantages of U.S. soybean products and accompany the development of their businesses.