Moroccan Customers Attend One on One Workshops, U.S. Soy Quality Seminar

The “Quality of Soy Products Road Show” took place on June 11 and 12 in Morocco.
The event, organized in collaboration with the association of feed manufacturers (AFAC), included workshops at leading feed mills to provide technical assistance in the analytical assessment of soybean products (mainly soybean meal and soy oil). The program was well received, with several attendees asking specific questions. They were left with a greater understanding of the benefits of U.S. soy products and quality testing specifications and test methods used for quality control.
USSEC visiting consultant Kristopher A. Williams, Laboratory Director, Thionville Laboratories, L.L.C. updated laboratory managers, nutritionists, quality controllers, and formulators on the overall quality of U.S. soy products. Quality control, analytical methods, chemical composition, nutritive value , anti nutritional factor assessment, factors affecting quality and nutrient supply , sample management, and near infrared (NIR) were featured topics.
A U.S. soybean meal sample ring test held in all participating laboratories preceded the event and its results were discussed during the seminar. The ultimate goal was to further educate customers on how to differentiate U.S. soybean products from other origins, use appropriate quality analytical methods, and U.S. soybean meal’s nutrient profile.
The in-house workshops held at key feed mills gave quality control and laboratory personnel a chance to discuss analytical methods and specifications with Dr. Williams and USSEC local consultant Dr. Khalid Benabdeljelil, tailored to their particular interests and concerns. Their opinions of U.S. soy products were generally very high, expressing their satisfaction with U.S. Soy and voicing no concerns with the quality of the products purchased.
Future events such as this may help to heighten awareness of other potential buyers of the merits of U.S. soy products, such as higher protein quality, lower fiber, and lot-to-lot consistency. Onsite visits also provide an opportunity for end users to pose questions and engage in dialogue that pertains to their specific needs and concerns, and help better inform on the benefits of U.S. soy products.
USSEC reemphasized the image of the U.S. as a major supplier of high quality soybeans and soy products, and Morocco is the largest buyer of U.S. soybean meal in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. The organization continues to increase knowledge on the strength and intrinsic advantages of U.S. soy products to end users, help differentiate U.S. soybean meal from other origin meals, and expand and protect U.S. market share.