MENA Poultry Stakeholders Participate in Production Trainings

Poultry industry stakeholders in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region attended the fifth and sixth U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) Poultry Production Training Program Webinars in November and December.

Organized in cooperation with Cairo University and the Egyptian Poultry Association, the webinars were hosted virtually at the Egypt Soy Excellence Center. Over 120 stakeholders participated in the fifth webinar. Speakers covered a variety of topics, including the importance of broiler chick quality, nutritional care of broiler production, management of some physiological systems in broiler chicks, and principles of poultry house ventilation.

The fifth MENA Poultry Production Training Webinar covered a variety of topics, including poultry house ventilation.

65 participants attended the sixth webinar, where topics included management of chicken immunity systems, the importance of vitamins and minerals in poultry feed, minimum and transitional ventilation for broiler chicks, and locomotor disturbances in chickens.

During both webinars, presentations were followed by open discussion among participants, as well as question-and-answer sessions.

These poultry production programs are one way in which Egypt’s Soy Excellence Center is working to fulfill its mission of being a one-stop-shop for industry training by continuing to hold programs for customers of U.S. Soy.

Webinar speakers at the Egypt Soy Excellence Center, presenting during the sixth MENA Poultry Production Training Webinar.