MENA Poultry Farmers Attend USSEC’s 3rd Poultry Production Training Program in Egypt

USSEC / Soy Excellence Center and the Egyptian Poultry Association are hosting the 3rd Poultry Production Training Program at the Faculty of Agriculture – Cairo University from February 8 – 13. 45 poultry farmers from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are gathering information from presentations focusing on Modern Techniques for the Management of Broiler Production. Topics being discussed include Feed Raw Materials; Proper Utilization and Economic Value of U.S. Soybean Meal Compared to Other Origins; Biosecurity on Poultry Farms; Nutritional Care of Broiler Production; Modern Management of Broiler Production; and Ventilation Tips for Hot Environment in Broiler Houses.
One of the key objectives for the training program is to teach the participants about the importance of utilizing quality ingredients that provide consistent digestible nutrients with less variation such as U.S. soybean meal and full fat soy, which will decrease production costs because companies can formulate complete feeds more cheaply and accurately with smaller margins of safety and gained performance from increased digestible amino acids for meat and egg production.
Dr. Nabil Darwish opened the conference, calling the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, “the most ancient and oldest agriculture faculty in the Arab World, Africa, and Middle East.”
He continued, “And with the presence of Professor Dr. Amr Mustafa; Faculty Dean, Secretary Generals, and Mr. Mousa Wakileh, USSEC regional consultant, we welcome all the trainees at the USSEC Third Poultry Production Training Program, and a special greeting and welcome to fellow participants from the our brother countries Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.
“Such successive training programs are a result of constructive cooperation and in accordance to the cooperation protocol between the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egyptian Poultry Association and the U. S. Soybean Export Council, aiming at training the youth working in poultry production from agriculture engineers and veterinarians by continuously providing them with whatever is new in such industry both scientifically and practically. Two successful courses were achieved with all standards in complete cooperation between the three parties.
“And here we are today welcoming you for the start of the Third Poultry Production Training Program with the participation of specialized, scientific and practical experienced in Egypt and the Arabic and African region.
“We ask you to kindly invest such a wonderful chance to benefit from the knowledge and experience of selective lectures that cover all poultry production aspects in terms of nutrition, feed materials and nutritional care, inside ward care, including ventilation, heat, tools and light programs. Also health care, diseases, and all other aspects of biosecurity.
“Hoping that you will return to work with a rich outcome of information and ideas that would support your success. . .wishing you all the good luck and success.”

Trainees going to the Training Center at the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University
Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University Founded in 1889
Group Photo
Opening Welcome at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
Opening Welcome at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
Participants at the Training Center
Prof. M. A. Elmenawey speaking at the training program