MENA Poultry Customers Take Part in Fourth Poultry Production Training through Soy Excellence Center

Egypt’s Soy Excellence Center is fulfilling its mission of being a one-stop-shop for industry training by continuing to hold programs for customers of U.S. Soy.

USSEC, in cooperation with Cairo University and Egyptian Poultry Association, held the Fourth Poultry Production Training on October 20 via Egypt’s Soy Excellence Center (SEC). 50 participants from the poultry industry in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region took part in this webinar.

Topics discussed included Feed Raw Materials, Proper Utilization & Economic Value of U.S. Soybean Meal Compared to Other Origins; Biosecurity and Houses Preparation; Chicken Gut Integrity; and Lighting Program for Broiler Production. The webinar was followed by a roundtable discussion that allowed participants and speakers to interact and discuss topics further.

Speakers included Prof. Dr. Amr Mostafa, Dr. Nabil Darwish, Prof. Dr. S. M.   Shalash, Prof. Dr. M.A. Elmenawey, Prof. Dr. A.M. Atta, Prof. Dr. H.B. Gharib, and USSEC Regional Representative – MENA Mousa Wakileh.