MENA Feed Producers, Aquafeed Users Participate in USSEC’s 1st Mediterranean Technical Tour of the Aquafeed Industry in Egypt

USSEC held the 1st Aqua Feed Industry Mediterranean Tour in Egypt from May 4 – 11. The visits followed previous conferences held within the Middle East – North Africa (MENA) region where key Moroccan professionals participated. The main objective was to demonstrate to feed producers and aquafeed users how to produce aquafeed based on soybean products for different species in various systems.
Local USSEC consultants escorted participants from private companies, the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Aquaculture (ANDA) and the National Institute of Fisheries (INRH). The technical tour included visits to representative entities of the Egyptian aquafeed sector and aimed to show potential and aquafeed producers the specifics of the industry and the use of soybean meal and other soy products in feed for different fish species.
The Egyptian fish feed sector market where several successful plants are in operation uses a high percentage of soybean products in different feed, thus offering visitors more opportunities for their future investments. The interaction of customers with fish feed suppliers and users and the debates helped increase knowledge among aquafeed producers about the nutritive value and advantages of U.S. Soy products.
The visits to aqua feed companies also provided the opportunity to see firsthand different plants, facilities, and operational management to further improve technical knowledge about the processing and extrusion of fish feed. Product characteristics, storage, handling, and quality control were some of the aspects discussed.
Local production of aquafeed based on U.S. Soy products will help diversify U.S. soybean usage and expand the market for U.S. soybeans. Providing technical assistance to the emerging aquafeed production sector is seen as a way to diversify and expand demand for U.S. soybean products in Morocco, which imports U.S. soybeans, soy hulls, soybean oil, and meal.
Although the poultry sector continues to be the primary driver of Morocco’s soybean market, other attractive opportunities exist for use in different fish species feeding.
USSEC’s efforts continue to assist the developments of customer activities and expand the market through diversification. The trust and confidence of the USSEC organization helps sustain demand for U.S. soybeans.

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Visit to IPA at World Fish
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