Myanmar Aquaculture is a Growing U.S. Soy Market

Myanmar is one of Southeast Asia’s largest aquaculture producers and USSEC is focusing on this growing market for U.S. soy products.
From July 7-12, USSEC Technical Manager - Aquaculture, Myanmar Thaw Dar Htwe toured farms and hatcheries of fish and shrimp in Thailand with the help of Prgroessuss Agri School, Nakhon Pathon, Kaserset University in Bangkok.
“USSEC’s role will be a challenging one in Myanmar for aquaculture, but we hope to be able to build on the successes of the program to date,” stated Ms. Htwe.
Southeast Asia regional demand of U.S. soy products is currently increasing and the rate is projected to increase due to increasing demand of the domestic markets due to regional population; decreasing rate of catching fish from marine water gradually due to the climate change; and Myanmar’s interest in marine cage farming.