Indonesian Tempe and Tofu Producers Appreciate GHP training

USSEC Indonesia, in collaboration with the Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF) and PT Kapuas Lestari, successfully conducted Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) training for the tempe and tofu producers in Pontianak on October 8. The training was attended by 18 participants: tempe and tofu producers in Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province. The objective of the training was to provide knowledge on Food Safety Principles and application of Good Hygienic Practices in the tempe and tofu production using modules developed by USSEC and ITF. Most of the participants provided positive feedback on the overall organization of the training program.
The training / education session for tempe and tofu producers is one of a number of effective activities to help improve Indonesia’s tempe and tofu industries. Several issues related to food safety issues and production process were raised during discussion session. The participants gave a positive evaluation to the overall organization of the training. They appreciated the implementation of this training in their area, as previously there was no institution that cares about education for tofu and tempe producers.
USSEC is well-positioned to provide information and guidance to assist the tofu and tempe producers as loyal customers of U.S. soybeans to upgrade and seek wider markets beyond national boundaries. Industry development and capacity building is a core strategy to increase U.S. Soy demand and exports in Indonesia. In addition to this workshop, similar activities were conducted in the following areas:

  • GHP training for tempe & tofu producers in Jayapura
  • GHP training for tempe and tofu producers in Padang
  • GHP training for the Rumah Tempe Sikander Geneng, Yogyakarta
USSEC Indonesia Technical Consultant Dadi Maskar with the training participants
Tempe producers in Pontianak don USSEC’s aprons