Egypt Set to Expand Table Egg and Chicken Production

The El Banna Group and the Poultry Producers Associations in Egypt has announced its first shipment of table eggs to Bahrain, setting the stage for Egypt’s expansion in the production of table eggs and chicken.
In a recent press release, Ahmad El Banna, the vice chairman of El Banna Group wrote that his company was “pleased to announce the export of the first table eggs shipment after its closure in Egypt for more than 13 years.”
He goes on to explain that the embargo on Egypt was lifted by the State of Bahrain and is being lifted on Egypt in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi [Arabia] and Oman, based on the activation of disease and bird flu free areas and to prove Egypt [‘s] status in the Arab world and its capability to dispose bird flu and the rest of diseases in some places until they are completely eliminated in Egypt, where Egypt will regain its status in the Arab world and Middle East.
“The beginning of embargo lifting is considered a new start to revive the industry and investment pumping and regaining Egypt status in export, creation of new job chances for the youth, and we always seek to…increas[e] the volume of our exports and foreign currency earnings for our beloved Egypt.”
The export of table eggs and chicken is a positive sign for greater consumption of U.S. Soy and soybean meal in Egypt.