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First Annual U.S. Soy International Marketing Dialogue is Coming Up!

USSEC’s first annual U.S. Soy International Marketing Dialogue (IMD) meeting and workshop will be held on December 5 & 6 at the Marriott St Louis Grand Hotel, St Louis.
This meeting aims to provide U.S. Soy industry stakeholders with a chance to learn more about USSEC’s global efforts and opportunities and offers attendees an opportunity to provide valuable input in the kick off to USSEC’s FY18 planning.
The meeting will consist of:

  • World Macro Economic and Agricultural Outlook - presented by Tanner Ehmke –Senior Economist, CoBank
  • Soybean of the Future
  • Regional Overviews - presented by USSEC regional staff
  • Networking Reception and Dinner
  • Industry Utilization Area Breakdowns – Market Access Team, Oil/Human Utilization Team and Animal and Aquaculture Feed Utilization
  • Industry Feedback forum
  • Presentation from USSEC Leadership

Additionally, USSEC invites participants to participate and register for its Industry Utilization Teams. The Industry Utilization Teams will play a primary role in FY18 planning process, spending the second day of the IMD meeting providing input to USSEC on the direction of USSEC’s future activities.
The teams will be focused on a particular Industry Utilization Area (Market Access, Oil/Human Utilization, and Animal and Aquaculture Feed Utilization), with team members discussing, and providing guidance, on their utilization’s obstacles and opportunities with USSEC staff.
To register, please click here.
More questions? Please contact USSEC Stakeholders Relations Manager Will McNair or USSEC Stakeholder Relations Coordinator Eric Gibson.