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USSEC’s EU Team Meets Customers at Eurotier 2016 in Germany

Livestock feeds and health products made up a large portion of EuroTier 2016 exhibits

USSEC participated in EuroTier 2016 from November 15-18 in Hannover, Germany.
Brent Babb, USSEC Regional Director - EU/MENA and five of USSEC’s European contractors traveled to Germany for this event.
EuroTier is the world’s leading trade show for animal husbandry, including livestock feed production, which attracts exhibitors from all over the world to present their innovations for dairy and beef cattle and pig and poultry farming, as well as participants from the fields of aquaculture, sheep and goat growing, and buildings and equipment. In addition to the latest innovations, visitors also find a wide range of special side events, including technical presentations, press conferences, and panel discussions that provide plenty of opportunities to learn and share information with other industry members.
As the leading trade fair in its sector, EuroTier provides a comprehensive overview of innovative technology, services, and genetics for modern livestock production. It focuses on farm inputs especially for livestock farmers, such as feeds and ingredients, as well as relevant equipment and technology, including grain and oilseed processing, livestock feed mixing equipment, quality control systems, and many tools used in modern animal agriculture.
Attracting more than 2500 exhibitors and approximately 150,00 - 160,000 visitors from Germany and over 100 other countries, the EuroTier 2016 show was the place to be for USSEC’s European team.
“EuroTier provides a great place for USSEC team members to meet with key customers and also to discuss future programs with industry experts,” explained Mr. Babb.   The team planned several events for 2017 with industry contacts including a feed technology meeting in Romania, two sustainability meetings in Germany, and a tentative sustainability media tour in Fall 2017.
Eugene Philhower, USSEC commercial contractor-North Europe; Jan van Eys, USSEC regional EU contractor based in France; Iani Chihaia, USSEC contractor - Southeast Europe; Jerzy Kosieradzki, USSEC contractor - Northeast Europe; and Sirri Kayhan, USSEC contractor – Turkey, spent two days at EuroTier updating their knowledge of technological innovations, studying competitors’ products and offers, and renewing contacts with soy buyers and users from many European countries.
An added bonus was an opportunity for USSEC’s European team to meet and discuss various current programs, administrative procedures, and plans for the coming year 2017.