USSEC Works With Polish Importer Of U.S. Bypass Soy to Educate Dairymen in Nutrition and Management

USSEC, teaming up once again with the ETOS feed company, recently hosted local dairy industry leaders at Golina in the western Polish province of Poznan province for a day of educational seminars and an evening relationship building event.
About seventy professionals representing large dairy operations and cooperating feed compounders from nearly the entire country met at the ETOS premix mill premises and took part in a series of lectures and discussions devoted to dairy nutrition and management. Dr. Thomas Tylutki, President of AMTS LLC and a former dairy nutrition research team member at Cornell University, delivered the keynote speech on how to feed modern cows for high production, reproduction, and health, which was well received by the audience.
That lecture was followed by a presentation focusing on the best ways of raising a healthy calf that would later translate to a great replacement heifer and well performing dairy cow. This very important issue was explained by Agata Łabez, a young but experienced ETOS field advisor.
Dr. Sion Richards, Ruminant Specialist EMEA at DSM, United Kingdom, covered the beneficial use of feed enzymes in dairy and beef cattle nutrition. Numerous research and commercial data presented by the speaker encouraged the dairy farmers to use proven enzymatic products in silage making and feeding the cows.
Dr. Tomasz Wertelecki of ETOS introduced the audience to quality management in the feed and food chain, including all the aspects of ETOS operations, a massive effort that contributes to the safety and quality of dairy production on their farms. While the topic is never an exciting one at such producers’ gatherings, it was explained in a very interesting and “digestible” way, making an impression on the listeners.
The value and quality of U.S. Soy was mentioned during the educational event many times by the speakers and special attention was paid to AminoPlus® bypass soy, distributed by ETOS. USSEC Technical Director – Northeastern Europe Jerzy W. Kosieradzki moderated the seminar.
The Polish professional audience was hosted to an outdoor lunch and a dinner with a reception and entertainment that evening held in a nearby hotel.

Dr. Sion Richards, DSM United Kingdom, explains the best ways of using feed enzymes in dairy and beef cattle nutrition to the Polish dairymen
Dr. Thomas Tylutki’s presentation on high producing dairy cows health and reproduction and milk production was the hit of the training session in Poland; Jerzy W. Kosieradzki, USSEC Technical Director - Northeast Europe (right) helped with language translation
Dr. Tomasz Wertelecki, ETOS R&D Manager & Quality Assurance Lead, delivered a presentation on the value of quality assurance systems in the feed supply chain to livestock growers
The USSEC/ETOS seminar was exceptionally well attended by the dairy specialists, managers, and farmers
Proper treatment of replacement heifers was a topic covered by a new employee of ETOS, Agata Łabaz
In the middle of the seminar, all participants, speakers, and organizers enjoyed an outdoor lunch; it was a good chance for them to converse with other participants
After the seminar, Dr. Tylutki (second from right) spent a few hours with the ETOS dairy team to tour their production facility, laboratory, and Golina office as well as discuss their dairy nutrition program