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USSEC Sponsors 4th International Poultry Congress in Turkey

USSEC - Turkey sponsored the 4th International Poultry Congress in Antalya, Turkey, held April 26 - 30. The International Poultry Congress 2017 brought together 1573 participants from 26 different countries, including family members, and approximately 1200 active national and international participants. The Turkish poultry industry has become the world’s eighth largest poultry producer and one of the most important exporters of poultry products in the Middle East.
Each year, the Turkish Poultry Producers Association (BESD-BIR) expects many distinguished scientists and experts to participate in this congress, covering all aspects of poultry meat production from farm to fork, including new production and processing technologies; challenges and strategies for the future; safety of poultry meat; sustainability; the importance of poultry meat for human nutrition; and supplying enough animal protein for the growing world population.
USSEC Country Representative – Turkey Sirri Kayhan attended the congress as a representative of USSEC. Mr. Kayhan discussed current and future problems in the industry, talked about sustainability and GMO issues, and promoted U.S. Soy to the poultry industry representatives.
The U.S. Grains Council (USGC), U.S. Ag Attaché, and U.S. Embassy Ag Specialists also participated in the congress.