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USSEC Participates in Pork Seminar in Jamaica


USSEC participated in the Know Your Pork seminar, hosted by Jamaica’s Copperwood Pork.
 The conference, held in Kingston, discussed where and how pigs are raised and processed, along with the importance of creating a sustainable local pork industry. USSEC consultant Julio Chaves talked about impact factors such as genetics, feed intake and quality, health, storage and preparation standards, as well as threats to pork’s integrity after purchase.
The meeting segued to featured presentations and cooking demonstrations led by chef Angie Mar and butcher Jose Barrantes.
The aim of this Making the Cut seminar was to educate restaurateurs, chefs, caterers, wholesalers/retailers and pork-lovers about all aspects of the pork industry from proper processing techniques to maximizing yield during butchering to great pork recipes.