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USSEC Participates in European Bourse in Italy

USSEC recently participated in the European Bourse trade show in Turin, Italy, meeting with the largest soy importers in the European market.

Visiting Amadori full fat soy plant
Visiting Amadori full fat soy plant

Belinda Burrier, United Soybean Board (USB) director from Maryland, and Kevin Hoyer, American Soybean Association (ASA) director from Wisconsin, along with USSEC Regional Director – EU/MENA Brent Babb and USSEC consultant Lola Herrera, attended the Bourse and also visited soy industry facilities of Italy’s two largest feed mills and its largest crusher.   Additionally, the group meet with livestock industry and value-added food industry contacts in the prosciutto ham and Parmigiano cheese industry.
The European Bourse is the most important annual meeting for the grains and oilseeds agricultural and trading industry in Europe with about 3,000 attendees.
During the Bourse, the U.S. Soy delegation talked with European soy importers from ADM, Cargill, Bunge, and Louis Dreyfus. The feed industry was represented by some of Europe’s largest companies: Sanders from France, Veronesi and Amadori from Italy, and DUKA from Germany among others.
Prior to the Bourse, the group travelled to northern Italy, visiting the main soy industry companies.  In Milan, they visited Cereal Docks, meeting with Giorgio della Bona. Cereal Docks is the main crusher in Italy, crushing 2,000 tons per day of non-GMO beans, from local production and 3,000 tons per day from the U.S. and other origins. Near Milan, the team also met with Veronesi, the largest feed producer in Italy, producing more than three million tons of feed annually for their own use to produce meat, poultry, and pork. Next, the group travelled to the port of Ravenna on the Adriatic Sea to visit the feed and soy full fat plant belonging to Amadori, the second largest company in feed and meat production in Italy. The purchasing and production team provided a tour of the plant, producing 50,000 metric tons (MT) of feed and 10,000 MT of full fat soy monthly. All feed production is used for their own consumption in poultry and livestock as the company is fully integrated.

Visiting Amadori full fat soy plant
Group Bolsari’ s ham store
Belinda Burrier helps a customer at the USSEC booth at the European Bourse
USSEC booth at the European Bourse. Kevin Hoyer and the rest of the group speak with customers