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USSEC Marks U.S. Senate’s Passage of Water Resources Development Act

USSEC is pleased to announce the overwhelming passage of the Water Resources Development Act by the U.S. Senate on May 15.  This waterway legislation promotes investment in America’s critical water resources infrastructure, accelerates project delivery and reforms the implementation of Corps of Engineers Projects.  This bill is the first step in upgrading the nation’s waterways, a critical step for the U.S. soy industry.
According to USSEC CEO Jim Sutter, waterway legislation will continue to assist farmers in moving soy products efficiently and quickly:  “In a global economy, the bottom line is that our members must be able to move product efficiently.  U.S. soy has distinguished itself from its competitors by being reliable and on time.”  Mr. Sutter continues, “We are optimistic that the U.S. House will quickly pass this bill and the much-needed improvements to our nation’s waterways will begin.”