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USSEC Korea Shares Amino Acid Content in Imported SBM with Broiler Integrators

USSEC’s Animal Utilization Technical Director Dr. Richard Han visited two Korean broiler integrators to update them about the amino acid content in imported soybean meal analyzed by Korea Feed Association.  The integrators visited were Harim Co., Ltd. and Cherrybro Co., Ltd.  Harim, the largest broiler integrator in Korea, annually produces 250 million broilers and uses 169,000 metric tons (MT) of soybean meal while Cherrybro produces 81 million broilers and uses 35,000 MT of soybean meal annually.  Their average feed conversion ratio is approximately 1.7 kilograms (kg) feed to produce 1.5 kg live weight broiler.

Amino acid analysis results for three cargoes of U.S. soybean meal and four cargoes of Brazilian soybean meal imported in 2013 were shared with purchasing staff and integrator formulators.  The average content of total amino acid, Lys and Met in U.S. soybean meal vs. Brazilian soybean meal were 44.80% vs. 43.87%, 2.90% vs. 2.83% and 0.64% vs. 0.61%, respectively.  Both integrators are checking amino acid in soybean meal they are using by either regression equation or wet chemistry.  Harim and Cherrybro are among the invitees to the upcoming U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange in September.