USSEC Hosts Nebraska Field Day

USSEC hosted Nebraska Field Day on August 18, just one day after the U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange had concluded in Omaha. The field day provided international customers with an opportunity to experience firsthand how the U.S. agricultural system operates. Participating teams included delegates from the Black Sea region, Egypt, Northern European Union (EU), Southern EU, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, crush and feed teams from the Americas region, and food and feed teams from Southeast Asia (SEA).
All teams began their day at the University of Nebraska Agricultural Research and Development Center (ARC) in Mead, Nebraska, where they listened to a history of the land grant system, presented by Dr. Charles Hibberd of the University of Nebraska Lincoln. They also learned how the university extension transfers research to Nebraska soybean growers on an outdoor tour.
The teams split into four tracks after lunch.
The Americas crush and feed teams heard an overview of the Nebraska beef industry, toured the Mead Cattle Company’s feedlot, and visited the farm of Dave Deerson.
Delegations from the Black Sea, Egypt, and northern and southern EU visited the farm of Nebraska Soybean Board member Richard Bartek in Ithaca. They toured his corn and soybean operations, viewing machinery, crops, and grain storage.
The team from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka visited the Frontier Cooperative in Mead to learn more about grain merchandising and logistics. They also visited the Knuth farm.
The SEA feed and food teams toured Nebraska Soybean Association (NSA) board member Doug Bartek’s farm.