USSEC Holds Third Regional Aquaculture Production Conference - MENA in Jordan

USSEC Middle East North Africa (MENA) organized the Third Regional Aquaculture Production Conference – MENA from July 29 – August 1 in Amman, Jordan for fish producers in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.

USB director Jennifer Poltermann addresses the gathering

Speakers from different parts of the world gave talks on processing quality aqua feed, least cost formulation, small scale aqua operation, soy global supply and demand, aquafeed safety and extrusion, advancements in preconditioner and drying of aqua feed, aquaculture systems innovation, and the aqua industry from the Middle East and other region. Speakers included:

  • Jesse Chappell, Associate Professor, School of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Sciences, Auburn University
  • Mark Newman, Aquaculture Nutrition and Feed Milling Consultant, M.N. Aqua Nutrition Consulting
  • Ramesh G, Technical Sales Advisor, Aqua Feed Division –Worldwide, Wenger Manufacturing Inc.
  • Colby Sutter, Director –Aquaculture and USB, USSEC
  • Dave Albin, Director, Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies, Insta-Pro International
  • Matt Ammermann, Commodity Risk Manager, INTL FCStone Financial Inc.
  • Tony Freiji, Group President and Chief Executive Officer, Wadi Holding
  • Mian Riaz, Director, Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A&M University
  • Nigel Lindley, Business Development Manager, Ever Extruder Company
  • Ian Goulding, Managing Director, Megapesca Lda
  • Sirri Kayhan, Consultant - Turkey, USSEC

More than 80 aquaculture professionals from 10 different countries attended the conference: Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, UAE, and Jordan. Participants hailed from major aquaculture producers and aquaculture feed millers.
The high level of audience participation and networking was a measure of the success of the event, which comes at a time when countries throughout the region are expanding their seafood production in response to consumer demand and food security concerns.
USSEC has long-term relationships with Texas A&M University, Auburn University, Insta-Pro International, Wenger Manufacturing Inc., INTL FCStone Financial Inc., and Ever Extruder Company, where they all cooperate to develop the international markets of soybean and soybean products.
Dr. Mian Riaz from Texas A&M University gave two talks titled “Single or Twin Screw Extruders for Aquafeed” and How to Ensure a Smooth Running Operation for Aquafeed.” Dr. Riaz has also given talks on soybean processing and aqua feed extrusion at USSEC conferences in this part of the world in the past. USSEC sends participants from all over the world to attend aquafeed extrusion short courses offered by the extrusion technology program at Texas A&M University.

Insta-Pro International was pleased to participate in the Third Regional Aquaculture Production Conference in Amman, Jordan. Our topic of using dry extrusion and knowledge based on R&D to enter this growing market by manufacturing high-quality fish feed pellets was well received.  This is a continuation of Insta-Pro’s ongoing relationship with USSEC to promote the use of quality soy meal and oil in a variety of species, including poultry and dairy. While U.S. producers are known to export high-quality soybeans to various countries around the world, what happens to the raw soybean in order to make final products is critically important. Insta-Pro’s high shear dry extrusion and mechanical oil press technologies continue to be used in over 100 countries to process high-quality soy products.

                                                                 -Dave Albin, Insta-Pro International

The Third Regional Aquaculture production conference was fully enjoyed. Conference attendees were keen to learn about various topics and I hope they learned a little bit about the market volatility that remains present in their soybean and soybean meal purchases from the presentation that I gave. The aquaculture industry has substantial growth for the MENA region and this should directly relate to more demand for U.S. soybeans. I really enjoyed discussing regional situations with the USSEC consultant/regional managers in Jordan and hope to be back soon!

-Matt Ammermann, INTL FCStone Financial Inc

Wenger has been a proud member of USSEC since the association’s inception, and we continue to enjoy the partnership in promoting the use of soy via extrusion processing across several food and feed related industries. The recent 3rd Annual Regional Aquaculture Production Conference held in Amman, Jordan organized by the USSEC MENA regional office was the latest example of the opportunities provided through this cooperation. The aquaculture industry in this region has shown significant signs of growth, and this conference provided a forum to educate participants in the benefits of soy inclusion in these extruded feeds.

-Ramesh G, Wenger Manufacturing Inc.

I enjoyed the well-organized, Third Regional Aquaculture Conference in Amman, Jordan. There was an excellent panel of experts that gave applicable talks on important topics. My first presentation provided basic nutritional principles and specific nutrient requirements of freshwater and marine fish. In my second talk, I presented methods to decrease fishmeal and fish oil by utilizing higher amounts of soybean meal or soy protein concentrate while reducing costs and not losing any performance.

-Mark Newman of M.N. Aqua Nutrition Consulting

USSEC’s third regional aquaculture investment…was attended by more than 75 participants from several different countries. At this conference, several speakers from different parts of the world gave talks on processing quality aqua feed, least cost formulation, small scale aqua operation, global supply and demand of soy and other oilseed, utilization of soybean products, sustainable aqua feed production, the next generation and aqua industry from the Middle East and other region.

-Mian Riaz of Texas A&M University

Group photo
Grower leaders and participants