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USSEC Holds Japan Swine Nutrition Course at IGP Institute

USSEC held the Japan Swine Nutrition Course at the IGP Institute at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas from March 6-9. Japan is one of the top pork importers in the world, and participants attended specialized training in swine nutrition and feed manufacturing programs.
During the course, participants learned about numerous nutrition components and requirements, as well as feed manufacturing through workshops, lectures, and field trips. Participants were invited and sponsored by USSEC to gain their knowledge of both subjects of feed manufacturing and swine nutrition.
“This course has been organized by USSEC, but was funded by the Kansas Soybean Commission, where this year they have helped us bring in eight Japanese participants,” explained Carlos Campabadal, course coordinator and IGP’s feed manufacturing and grain management curriculum manager.
“I really enjoyed learning about new areas in swine nutrition in this course, and I can take back to my job all of the concepts of nutrition, which is a new idea I can share with my company,” said course participant, Mayumi Fukushima, farm manager at Japan Farm in Japan. Ms. Fukushima explains that she is also very satisfied with the course material that she learned and then traveling to the commercial swine farm and applying the information to a visual perspective of learning.
“It is a very good course for participants to learn about feed manufacturing techniques for swine one day, basic swine nutrition another day, and then taking a trip to visit commercial feed mills and a grain and soybean export facility, seeing how soybeans are exported in truck containers,” stated Mr. Campabadal.

Participants learn about feed manufacturing techniques at a privately owned farm near Lawrence, Kansas
During the last segment of the course, the group visited USSEC to learn about soybean exports and feed manufacturing in the U.S.