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USSEC Holds Feed Manufacturing Training Course for Eastern European Soy Customers

Eastern Europe

USSEC organized a one week training course in early May focusing on new advances in feed manufacturing for Eastern European soy customers. The class was held at the University Politechnica of Madrid, under the coordination of USSEC consultant Gonzalo Mateos.
USSEC brought feed industry professionals from Romania and Poland to hear from Professor Mateos and USSEC Feed Technologist Consultant Dr. Juan Acedo Rico about the latest advances in feed manufacturing and Spain’s experience in modern feed milling and the efficient usage of soy in animal feed.
In addition to classes, field visits including poultry, swine, and dairy feed mills and a liquid ingredients blending plant offered participants an excellent chance to understand the upcoming trends over the next ten years in the European feed industry.
Constantin Bompa, from Nutrimold Trouw feed mill said: “The USSEC training course, New Advances in Feed Manufacturing, gave us the opportunity to refresh our knowledge about the value of U.S. Soy commodities and learn the latest developments in the EU’s feed manufacturing sector. The field visits provided an up close look at state of the art feed manufacturing equipment used in Veravic and Teca Feed Mills.”
“In addition to listening to Dr. Mateos about the value of U.S. Soy and Dr. Rico sharing his valuable knowledge during the classes, the field visits at representative feed mills around Madrid included hands-on, practical experiences on particle size reduction of feed ingredients and feed pelleting, which was very helpful for us. Not in the least, the USSEC training was a meeting place for Eastern and Southern [European] feed milling professionals to come together for discussion about U.S. Soy and educate buyers,” declared Eda Kizilcelik, vice president of the Romanian Feed Manufactures Association.
According to Dr. Rico, “We feel like you can never go wrong by investing in the education of soy customers. Returns will come in the near future in the form of people from all over Europe implementing and making use working the knowledge we shared. Taking into account that the EU is the second largest customer of U.S. Soy, the more feed each EU state will produce, the more soy they will use.”
“All the participants at the event appreciated the opportunity to have access to latest information from the field of feed manufacturing and soy quality,” Dr. Mateos added. “U.S. soybean meal orders should be generated by the Eastern European customers by continuing to educate them to pay more attention on the protein quality, emphasizing amino acids digestibility.”
See pictures from the course here: SST PICS Feed Technology Madrid Course