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USSEC Experts Speak About Sustainable Marketing to Romanian Poultry Meat Producing Companies

After several years of sustained growth, the Romanian poultry industry has reached a stage where the management and marketing needs to be fine-tuned. USSEC has understood and answered the need of the poultry customers, organizing an exploratory visit from April 8-11 to understand the achievements and challenges of the poultry meat producers in Romania.
Mack Graves, a consultant specializing in corporate strategy, management focus, and marketing effectiveness in companies and organizations across the protein chain from beef to poultry, was invited together with USSEC animal consultant Dr. Jan van Eys, to visit with leading integrators in broiler and turkey meat production located in southern and central Romania. Bona Avis and Penes Curcanul are both important players and trendsetters within the Romanian market and commodity usage, and are consequently potential to increased soy usage.

USSEC consultants Mack Graves and Jan van Eys visited the poultry processing plant of Bona Avis and compared the U.S. and European poultry industries during an intensive discussion with company management

Several years ago, Mr. Graves consulted with poultry integrated companies in Romania on behalf of U.S. Soy farmers.
“I was pleasantly surprised to see during my visit to Romania the evolution of the consumer towards quality and convenience poultry meat products,” said Mr. Graves. “The poultry meat products today are high quality thanks to the investments in high quality farming technologies and modern poultry processing plants. From what we understood, the Romanian poultry meat is not always reaching the export markets because of different quality certifications systems from different markets. Entering new markets and reaching the increasing demand for quality of the consumer are part of the sustainable marketing strategy.”
Today’s modern consumers prefer meat products produced with sustainable ingredients. Sustainability is a new marketing tool for the meat industries, which is good for business as well as the environment.
“Companies must become transparent in all they do to establish consumer trust and enhance meat consumption,” Mr. Graves concluded.

Mr. Graves discusses the design and management of the poultry processing flow
Mr. Graves and Dr. van Eys visited with Global Lab, one of the top quality control laboratories for the feed and poultry industries in Romania

After his visit to Romania, Dr. van Eys reported, “Continuous promotional efforts to accompany the growth of this market and positioning of U.S. products in this market are recommended. Clearly, great progress has been made in the feed industry but some key opportunities for improvements remain. Those opportunities can be addressed by USSEC and, in the process, U.S. Soy will be promoted and profiled for its quality characteristics. The Romanian industry and market stands to grow significantly over the next several years, so an enhanced position of USSEC and U.S. Soy should translate in increased sales and opportunities.”

Management aspects were discussed with farm and feed mill managers from the visited companies in Romania
Dr. van Eys and Mr. Graves discussed the importance of feed management and poultry feeding
The importance of brand and quality delivered to consumers were emphasized by Mr. Graves during discussions with processing plant managers and marketing experts
A large variety of quality poultry meat products are available today in the Romanian market