USSEC Delivers Seminar on Sustainability 
and Green Chemistry to Industrial Patrona in Mexico

USSEC worked with Industrial Patrona in an effort to stress sustainability last May.
USSEC consultant Jorge Martinez visited the Industrial Patrona plant in Cordoba, Mexico to conduct an on-site seminar on sustainability and green chemistry. Industrial Patrona is a company that produces edible oils from U.S. soybeans, canola, corn, and sunflower for the hotel, restaurant, and institutions (HRI) channel, the food industry, and home use.
The seminar, attended by plant
directors and sales managers, covered the basics
and starting steps of the green and
sustainable production of soybean oil from
U.S. soybeans. Mr.
Martinez delivered a presentation titled “The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry,”
where he explained the concept of sustainability, the sustainable characteristics of U.S. Soy, and the importance of developing sustainable soybean oil. Additionally, he presented a portrait of green chemistry as a tool to achieve sustainability and explained how the production process for U.S. soybean oil can be made sustainable.
After the seminar, the plant director took Mr. Martinez on a plant tour to identify some points in the soybean oil refining process where sustainable practices can be improved.
The seminar was very well received and as a result of this work with USSEC, Industrial Patrona launched a 100 percent soybean oil, in a three-liter container, made from U.S. soybeans.