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USSEC Customer to Build Fish Feed Plant in Turkey

Ozpekler Trout Company, a customer and supporter of USSEC, will build a fish feed plant in Denizli, Turkey with the first double screw extruder in the country.

Ozpekler Company produces trout, exporting all its production to Europe. The company partners with a Dutch firm for its marketing in the EU. They produce around 5000 tons of trout each year in 5 facilities in the western part of Turkey. The company already has a hatchery, grow-out farms in lakes and concrete pools, and a processing plant, but was missing a feed plant to complete its integration. With this investment, they will become an integrated company.
Ozpekler, the third largest trout producer in Turkey, attends USSEC’s many aqua events in Turkey and in the U.S., including the Kansas State aquafeed manufacturing course, Idaho farm visits, and USSEC’s regional aqua investment conference in Dubai.
As a result of USSEC’s efforts, Ozpekler decided to build its own feed factory, which will have a double screw extruder, the first in Turkey, allowing them to use less starch in their feed and achieving a higher protein content, consuming more U.S. Soy. The company will also have a pulverizer, which will allow them to produce larval feed for baby fish. The location of the feed mill will be in Denizli where Ozpekler has its head office and all other facilities. The capacity of the feed mill will be five tons per hour of extruded feed.