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USSEC Conducts Workshop on Animal Nutrition and Feed Formulation in the Philippines


USSEC conducted a two-day seminar/workshop on Animal Nutrition and Feed Formulation May 11-12 in Iloilo City, Philippines. The seminar focused on feed formulation in diverse manufacturing and production challenges. Among the participants were the nutritionists and production staff of the commercial feedmills of Philippine Foremost, the sister company of the biggest U.S. soybean meal importer in the country, along with other commercial swine and poultry farms.
The seminar’s theme, “The Science and Application of Animal Nutrition, Feed Production and Feed Formulation,” suggested the significance of using the right nutrient specifications of major ingredients, so the amino acid and energy source ingredients in feed formulation were discussed in particular. The higher digestible essential amino acid content of U.S. soybean meal versus meal of other origins was highlighted and used in the formulation exercises. Other topics included the production and utilization of full fat soy, fats and oil in swine and poultry diets, extrusion process, pest control, application of quality assurance and quality control measures.
The participants found the topics highly relevant and useful as they actively participated during the open forum and in hands-on exercise in feed formulation.