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USSEC Attends 27th Annual Conference of the Bulgarian Feed Manufacturers Association

During the third week of April, the Bulgarian Feed Manufacturers Association (BFMA) held their annual conference in Velingrad City. This was the 27th year of the industry’s annual meetings, with a record participation of over 120 guests from Bulgaria and neighboring countries: Turkey, Romania and Hungary.
They were part of an excellent conference program, with high level technical presentations of speakers of international companies from Germany, Hungary, Czech, Denmark, Turkey and the U.S.

Participants at the 27th Annual Conference of the Bulgarian Feed Manufacturers Association

USSEC’s team of consultants, Dr. Jan Van Eys and Dr. Iani Chihaia, attended BFMA’s event on behalf of USSEC, with the goal to increase awareness of U.S. Soy’s sustainability and followed up with the recent Bunge import of U.S. soybean meal to Constantza Port. Alex Doring, the general secretary of FEFAC, was invited to join the USSEC team.

Alexader Doring of FEFAC introduces the sustainability for responsible sourcing in the European Feed Industry

Following the opening of the event, Mr. Doring presented “FEFAC Vision 2030 on Sustainable Feed and Livestock Production –Working Priorities for 2017,” followed by Dr. Jan van Eys, who gave the paper “Sustainability Of U.S. Soy Production and Nutritional Considerations of Second Generation Soy Products.” The topics presented by the USSEC team triggered a lively question and answer session focused on the sustainability of soy and soy products versus other vegetal protein sources.

Dr. Jan van Eys presented the U.S. Soybean Sustainability Protocol in front of more than 90 Bulgarian feed and livestock industries delegates
There were ample interaction opportunities between participants and USSEC consultant Dr. Jan van Eys

By the end of the conference, the main ag TV channel in Bulgaria, Agro TV interviewed the USSEC delegation.

Dr. van Eys and Mr. Doring were interviewed during the conference by a crew of journalists from AGRO TV, the most important ag channel in Bulgaria

BFMA’s conference provided plenty of opportunities this year to meet with the Bulgarian feed representative as well as with representatives of the feed industry of surrounding countries. The attendees of this annual meeting represented all aspects of livestock (feed) production. This allowed for a broad but thorough and lasting representation of USSEC and its objectives.
Near future development of the industrial animal production in Bulgaria will enhance demand for imported ingredients of superior quality and quality feed. As such, USSEC’s continued involvement and support will likely pay off in greater export potential mid-term.